Ex-Winstrike failed to join the eminent CIS organization

The coach of the ex-Winstrike team said that their attempt to join the "eminent club" was a failure. The esports organization has no money to maintain this CS: GO roster. The most interesting thing is that the players found out about this only after the signing of the contracts.

Dmitry 'hooch' Bogdanov wrote the following:

"Honestly, I kindly envy the players of the big four CIS organizations. It's great when you work with professionals and can fully concentrate on your direct responsibilities. I also respect some young orgs who, despite small budgets, work honestly and respect their players....

But this post is not about how wonderful everything is in our progressive and strong region, but rather to show the other side of the coin. Over the past few years, my world has turned upside down very much in relation to how people in the CIS allow themselves to do business, but for now I will omit the history of the past organization and tell an interesting story that happened to us quite recently, and from which I still have the fifth point is blazing. "

Former Winstrike players revealed that the esports club had systematically violated their contractual obligations and therefore left the organization. Finding a new club in which you could continue your career, according to Dmitry, was not a big deal:

"After leaving Winstrike, several organizations approached us with proposals, one of which is considered very respected and quite successful in our region. The guys from the very beginning offered us excellent conditions, a signature bonus, and in every possible way forced us to sign contracts, because they were afraid that we Honestly, we were so impressed by such a special attitude and interest in our team that we did not even look for other options, and also rejected all other proposals and accepted their conditions.

A couple of days later, the whole team signed contracts and sent them to our future orga for signing on their part, but, dear reader, apparently I or someone from our team offended the old or new gods, and as soon as our hearts calmed down, and we we began to count the days until the official announcement of our future team, the sad news came that no contracts would be signed, and unfortunately the organization does not have a budget for our team. Yes, yes, you heard right, they signed us first, and then said that there was no money. "

While refraining from specifying the name, hooch wished the teams not to make ridiculous mistakes and learn from the best:

"I always thought that the professional teams in the sport and normal teams in eSports every quarter there is a meeting of shareholders, where they decide on the transfer policy, internal personnel and plans of the company's future. And only after that they decide to buy or sell players, But as this situation shows, everything is possible in our eSports.I'm even scared to imagine what is happening at a lower level, and what manipulations and sketches CIS organizations allow themselves.

I wish everyone strives to become like the best organizations in our region, and not try to snatch a piece from new investors who are poorly versed in esports and who subsequently leave esports due to deception, as well as respect their players, and not try to get rich for account of bonded contracts and breakfast feeding every day. "

The ex-Winstrike players are currently ranked 22nd in the HLTV rankings. According to Dmitry Bogdanov, cybersportsmen have a "moderate appetite for the conditions in the club" and train six days a week.

It is currently unknown who exactly they were talking about. Part of the CIS audience suggests that Dmitry was talking about EXTREMUM, whose name has recently been shone in various insiders about possible connections with ex-Winstrike. Other representatives of the Russian-speaking audience suggest that it could have been about HellRaisers, since the latter recently got rid of their CS: GO roster.