Team Spirit signed a CS: GO academy

The Team Spirit management decided to develop the CS: GO division and signed a second roster in the shooter discipline. Now the club will also have an academic roster. It is noteworthy that the youth roster will be headed by Patsi, which was previously listed in the main roster of Spirit. The player, by the way, was rented from forZe.

In addition to Robert 'Patsi' Isyanov himself, the team will include such cybersportsmen as Kirill 'T4RG3T' Kovalev, Alexey 'znx' Zlakousky, Pavel 's1ren' Oglobin, Miroslav 'zont1x' Plakhotya and Semyon 'God6y' Chaika. Sergey 'hally' Shavaev will act as a coach in the team.

Club management says it has long-term goals for academics. They want the roster to be among the top 50 teams in the world according to HLTV.