Fight the System - Sprout Expands To Six People

The esports club management announced the signing of a 16-year-old CS: GO player who will become the sixth in the roster. In addition, Kahn 'kyuubii' Camber was enrolled in a special gymnasium in Tannenbusch for schoolchildren preparing for the Olympic Games. German educational institutions treat such an event with understanding, and therefore will offer the cyber sportsman convenient conditions for combining a professional career with the educational process.

Representatives announced that Kahn Kamber will take on the role of a substitute player and will play with his teammates in official matches in cases where one of the teammates will not be able to play in the fight due to personal problems or health problems. Kyuubii will also be attending bootcamps and training for the starting lineup, and if the 16-year-old does well, then his esports career could go up well.

Recall that recently Team Vitality did the exact opposite - the French expelled Nabil 'Nivera' Benrlitom from their roster. There were also rumors around Astralis' roster that Bubzkji would be removed from the roster, but the latter has so far denied this information.

Updated Sprout roster