Device: "I still think the future belongs to six-man squads."

Nikolai "device" Ridts announced that he considers it possible to revise the recently adopted rules regarding the use of the sixth player, which he wrote about on his Twitter account.

Recall that on January 28, Valve introduced a system of penalties for using sixth players in a team. The team that used the substitution during the championship will receive 20% less rating points, which were earned during the tournament. In addition, the CS: GO developer has banned coaches from communicating with players during online matches of ranked tournaments.

Device tweeted the following:

“Meanwhile it can create a potentially money problem, I still think 6man rosters are the future, hopefully at majors too. Having million dollar investments/companies and relying solely on 5 players without any backup/rotation system is just crazy and we don't see it elsewhere. We don't have the safety net we need at the moment. If means if there really is no other option, because of the penalty, which indirectly is creating a similar situation where a team can miss a the biggest event of the year being unlucky. I don’t think they released how they will handle actual majors yet tho, it might be different. Sometimes I don't know how players can express the need for this without sounding spoiled, but we have now seen countless of situations where stress-related sicknesses/sick leaves have left teams in almost impossible situations."