Lemondogs made changes to the roster

The Swedish esports club announced that it has again assembled a CS: GO roster. It includes famous Swedish players who played under the tag of NiP, GODSENT and other clubs.

Veterans of Simon 'twist' Eliasson, Andreas 'MODDII' Friedh and Andreas 'znajder' Lindbergh will accompany younger and less experienced players Jerry 'xelos' Raberg and Jonas 'hemzk9' Rantamaki. The latter have been on the roster since September 1 of last year.

It is noteworthy that twist started his CS: GO career in 2012 with Lemondogs.

The band's debut will take place as part of the Svenska Elitseries Spring 2021, where the Swedes will compete against their fellow countrymen Young Ninjas,who also recently updated their roster.

Updated roster Lemondogs