Astralis made an unusual and mysterious teaser

Astralis representatives posted a mysterious announcement with a player's photo on social media. Some artisans were able to brighten the photo well enough to get the silhouette of Andreas 'Xyp9x' Hoislet, who was temporarily on hiatus. In addition, insider DonHaci spoke about the likelihood of Magnus 'Toft' Toft signing. The latter had previously played under the Tricked Esport banner, but was put on the bench.

Another part of users believes that this teaser is nothing more than an announcement of a video about one of the players on the current roster.

Recall that Xyp9x went intoactive in May 2020 due to problems with burnout and loss of motivation. At the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 12, the place of Xyp9x is taken by incoming players, Bujbzkji and es3tag. Astralis is testing a new kind of roster management, where a player plays depending on the situation.

Astralis roster: