HenryG and kassad will collect CS: GO roster for Cloud9

On the official page of the organization Cloud9 on the social network "Twitter" it was reported that Henry "HenryG" Greer and Alexander "kassad" Trifunovich have moved to the structure of the club. Henry will take the position of general manager, and kassad will be appointed as the coach of the new CS: GO roster.

By the way, it is the gathering of a new CS: GO main roster that is the goal of the newcomers of the organization.

Recall that just yesterday the organization announced its intention to sell the existing roster without explaining the reasons, but it looks like this:

Johnny "JT" Teodosiu
Ian "motm" Hardy
Joshua "oSee" Ohm
Ricky "floppy" Camery
Aran "Sonic" Grusbek