FURIA Esports coach suspected of using camera bug

ECS Season 7 judge Michal 'michau9_' Slowinski, looking at the strange recordings, noticed that the Brazilian coach was using a camera bug. The difference between bagoyuz and guerri differs from other coaches in that he, in the match against Complexity, abused the mistake of the game throughout the 25 rounds played in the first map. Despite this, the Brazilians were still defeated in the Mirage they played, but ultimately won the Bo3 series.

Michal Slowinski shared the find on his Twitter account, and also told FACEIT representatives about it personally. Neither the tournament operator of the last championship, nor the Brazilian coach gave any comments regarding the situation.

A couple of days ago, ESL and DreamHack banned three trainers who were seen using a surveillance bug. A hard Legion Esports mentor, a MiBR coach and a Heroic mentor were hit. zoneR, dead and HUNDEN were then relieved of their responsibilities to the organization.