zoneR left his post as Hard Legion coach. He got fired again

Earlier, we talked about ESL and DreamHack conducting an investigation, during which it was revealed bad faith on the part of Hard Legion, Heroic and MiBR coaches. You can read more about this here.

Alexander Bogatyrev, known as zoneR and MechanoGun, was recently embroiled in a scandal, after which he left his post as Hard Legion Esports coach against his will. It happened on June 24th. Subsequently, he was able to meet with the director of the esports organization, resolve conflicts and return to Hard Legion. After recent proceedings, Alexander again has to leave the position of the players' mentor.

In the VKontakte group, representatives of the club published their statement, which says the following:

“Based on the results of internal proceedings, we have decided that the penalty from ESL is fair. We refuse any appeals and take the side of the tournament organizer.

In the course of the proceedings with the coach and the players, we tend to believe that the coach did not inform anyone that he has an advantage in the game. The players continued to play fair, ignoring the fact that the coach's hints turned out to be extremely correct. We have no reason to believe that the players were aware in advance of the presence of this '' bug '', therefore no sanctions on our part will be applied to the players "

Alexander 'zoneR' Bogatyrev also did not stand aside and commented on the situation:

"Sometimes you want to lead the team to victory so badly that in a desperate situation you even decide to" win at any cost "... Your brain says, it is not necessary, it is not fair, but the desire to lead your favorite team to the line overshadows reasonable thoughts and pushes a desperate act leading to a half-victory, “half-”, because you understand and think all the time about how this victory was achieved.

I used this bug three times - the first two times unconsciously and accidentally, the third time I noticed this possibility, but did not refuse the information. Yes, the realization of a close and easy victory certainly literally "overshadowed" all the arguments of reason... Since I coordinated the game on these maps, I ask you to consider my players and, first of all, the leadership of the Hard Legion, not involved in this situation, because they are not were aware of what was happening. I just want to say that all this time 24/7 I lived and worked for my team and tried to do everything for its success, even at such a cost. When you see that your guys are drowning, and there is such a temptation in your hands, believe me, it is very difficult not to take advantage of this... sorry that you let everyone down "