ESL and DreamHack banned Heroic, Hard Legion and MiBR trainers for exploit bug

ESL and DreamHack have conducted their own investigation, which confirmed the involvement of zoneR, HUNDEN and dead in the use of the bug in at least one of the rounds of the official match. It lies in the fact that coaches could move around the map in observer mode, regardless of the position of the players.

The MiBR coach used this bug only in one round of ESL One Road to Rio, for which he will receive a ban for six months. In contrast, Heroic's mentor decided to resort to a not-so-fair way of winning ten times in DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 and therefore got a year ban. More of the aforementioned coaches were abused by zoneR from Hard Legion Esports, who drew the organizers ire and got banned for two years. He has resorted to six-map esploit in three fights in ESL One Road to Rio.

ESL and DreamHack said that Heroic, MiBR and Hard Legion were not the only teams that had the opportunity to use the bug with flying in spectator mode, but unlike the rest of the competitors, the above teams were the only ones who took advantage of them.

Note the fact that at the moment only large online championships have been verified. Later ESL and DreamHack will move to smaller competitions and, perhaps, will find something interesting there too.