ESL Pro League Season 12 draw results are now available

The organizers have announced that they have carried out the draw for the group stage in the European division. Group A includes such teams as NAVI, ENCE, G2, Heroic and others. Group B includes Astralis, FaZe Clan, mousesports, NiP and others.

According to the rules of the championship, the best eight will go to the playoffs, four teams from each group. The two duos that show the best results during the group stage will go to the upper bracket, while the two teams that took 3-4 places in their eights will go to the lower bracket. The rest of the rosters will complete their path in the championship before reaching the playoffs.

ESL Pro League Season 12 starts on September 1 in Europe and America and ends on October 4 in Europe and September 27 in America. In the European division of ESL for more than a month of confrontations, a total prize pool of $ 450,000 will be drawn between sixteen teams. In North America, the eight teams will in turn share a $ 225,000 fund.

Draw results

Group A

Group B