CS: GO servers with 128 tick rate were launched in China

In addition to allowing players to rate the game on servers with a tick rate of 128, improved post-match statistics and a "transparent" rating system have been added to the game. The innovations were added at the initiative of Perfect World and since the company only publishes CS: GO in China, these improvements will not affect other regions.

Now in the updated Chinese CS: GO client, the anti-cheat PAC has also appeared, which Perfect World has not yet told anything about. Despite this, some images of the game still show the anti-cheat from Valve. Most likely Perfect World is introducing its own version of the anti-cheat and will tell you about it later.

Users from other regions have been asking Valve for a long time to introduce servers with a tick rate of 128. The latter argue that the difference between tick rates will be noticed by a small part of the audience, and the need for it is not as big as they say. Despite the statements of the developers, third-party sites using productive servers with the necessary innovation have gained great popularity among players.