NAVI will start selling the classic 2010 jersey

Natus Vincere spoke about the imminent start of sales of the game jersey, which the players of the 2010 squad had. Each of them will cost € 50, and the edition will be limited. In terms of sizes, the jersey will have counterparts in each of the standard sizes.


In August last year, NAVI began its own production of merchandise due to dissatisfaction with CIS fans. Community representatives who purchased Natus Vincere merchandise were outraged by the low quality and, as a result, Evgeny Zolotarev, CEO of the cybersport club, announced that NAVI would start their own production. In addition, the variety of branded items was also part of the production goals.

Recall that on August 1, a show match will take place between the favorites of old school fans and the new guard of Natus Vincere. The first will most likely perform in these jersey, which will go on sale. In addition, teams will fight in both CS: GO and CS 1.6. In the new version of the game, teams will fight on Train, Inferno and Dust, and in CS 1.6 Train, Inferno and Tuscan got into the mappool.