NAVI will hold a show match between the rosters of 2010 and 2020

On August 1, an event that many Natus Vincere fans are waiting for will be held online. The composition of the 2010 sample and the current roster will battle each other in an online format.

In the near future, NAVI promised to tell all the details regarding this show match. Maincast will comment on this fight for both the Russian-speaking audience and the English-speaking audience.

This is not the first match for NAVI 2010 players. They recently faced off against a streaming team represented by Evelone, 1mpala, Buster, QRUSH and Shoke. The meeting was won by NAVI 2010 with a score of 3-1, and the confrontation took place in both CS: GO and CS 1.6.

NAVI 2020:

NAVI 2010: