Snappi Becomes C0ntact Gaming Player

The Dane is now officially a C0ntact Gaming player. At the moment, it is not known whose place the incoming player will take. The HLTV portal claims that Snappi will play in C0ntact Gaming already in the qualifying round for cs_summit 6 together with LETN1.

The last team Snappi made was Astralis. There, as a replacement player, the player together with the squad took 7-8th place at the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown.

According to recent rumors, Snappi entered into an agreement with TIGER, but as a result, the club representatives decided not to make changes to the roster.

Roster of C0ntact Gaming:

Rokas 'EspiranTo' Milaskauskas
Otto ottoNd 'Sihvo
Georgi 'SHiPZ' Grigorov
Luka 'emi' Vuković
Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer