zonic used a coaching bug - ESIC will not punish the Dane

According to an OverDrive insider, ESIC has found evidence of a zonic trainer bug being used. However, the Commission will not penalize the current coach of Team Vitality because he has not gained a competitive advantage over his opponent.

zonic is the fourth trainer to have a trainer bug. But he had a third-person bug that doesn't provide much of an advantage. For this bug, ESIC will not seem to be banned.

Recall that on May 6, ESIC issued an official statement in which it made official accusations against the peacemaker, zakk and hally. These specialists received appropriate bans, after which they were banned from participating in PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

According to ESIC, it was found that hally and zakk encountered the original version of the bug within one round in the case of the Russian specialist (then head of Espada) and one and a half rounds in two matches in the case of the Brazilian (representing 9z and Luminosity).

In turn, the peacemaker was found to have used a free roam variant in the 2018 matchup between Heroic and Imperial. This variant of the bug has been recognized as the most serious by ESIC and warrants a penalty equal to fraud, which is up to 24 months.

However, at the same time, information appeared that other specialists who were caught using a coaching bug will perform at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Probably one of them was zonic, which encountered one of the new varieties of the bug.

In the official statement, ESIC also mentioned another coach who experienced a third person error. Representatives of the organization did not name him and disqualify him from the major due to the disproportionate advantage and consequences.