Thorin reveals approximate cost of Gambit roster transfer to Cloud9

Well-known British analyst Thorin named the approximate cost of transferring the Gambit roster to Cloud9. According to him, the North American esports organization paid one million dollars for the transfer of all the players, coaches and management of the Russian club.

Cloud9 received the only team from the TOP 5 in the world available for purchase for such an amount. I heard that the club paid a million dollars for the entire squad, two coaches and a manager. This is ridiculous. In case you didn’t know, in 2019, after the StarLadder Berlin Major, the NRG Esports roster cost Evil Geniuses only three million dollars. And this team was in the TOP-5 of the best in the world and just took 3rd-4th place in the Major. In 2020, the entire Astralis roster could be bought for $3-5 million, while a super team with NiKo and coldzera would be worth $4-5 million. Cloud9 got this roster for a million. It's just incredibly beneficial.

This team still has a chance to become the best in the world, especially against the backdrop of difficulties for NAVI and other teams. And get it for a million dollars? Real madness. It was rumored that m0NESY alone cost G2 Esports $600k - one player. And Cloud9 now has players stronger than m0NESY. And this is a whole proven composition. This is the most profitable deal in the history of CS:GO.

But, according to the same Thorin, this deal has a flip side of the coin. In particular, no one knows how the future of the team will turn out, given the possible difficulties in obtaining visas and moving around the world.

However, there is one big "but" in this situation. Perhaps there was no such a serious struggle for this line-up, because no one knows what the future holds for him. Maybe this roster will only play in this Major or will it disband by the end of the summer? Maybe one of the players will have problems with a visa and will have to change it? And this is the main disadvantage of this deal.

Recall that at the end of last month, the North American club Cloud9 acquired the former roster of Gambit. The next championship for the Russian team will be PGL Major Antwerp 2022, which will be held from May 9 to 22 in Belgium. Right now the team is preparing for the start of the tournament at the bootcamp in Serbia.

Cloud9's current roster is as follows: