Petr1k created Ukrainian-language channels on YouTube and Telegram

Against the backdrop of the war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine, many Ukrainian influencers and esports figures began to popularize and use the Ukrainian language. One of the first to do this was Alexander Petrik, aka Petr1k.

Oleksandr started a Ukrainian-language channel on YouTube "Katsapske Inferno", where there are already videos with analysis of games at ESL Pro League Season 15, as well as other videos. Petr1k also created a Telegram channel with the same name, where the main events in Counter-Strike are covered in Ukrainian. Diana Fedchenko, a Ukrainian journalist, author and host of the new Ukrainian-language media, helps him in this.

Oleksandr Petryk is a Ukrainian esports journalist and analyst. Petr1k has worked for StarLadder, WePlay, Maincast and is also known for his educational content on YouTube and other platforms.

Top photo: WePlay Esports.