The Astralis team returned to the TOP-10 of the world ranking

Portal HLTV has released a fresh update of its weekly ranking of the best teams. As a result of the past week, the Danish team Astralis returned to the TOP-10 of the world ranking, taking the ninth line. At the same time, the team moved ENCE and FURIA from their places, which dropped to 10th and 11th lines, respectively.

Other changes were made to Copenhagen Flames, which, thanks to their successful performance at the Pinnacle Cup III and Pelaajat Nordic Masters Spring 2022, moved up three places to 12th place in the rankings.

Other changes in the TOP-20 include the fnatic team, which moved up to 16th place. It was followed by the Bulgarian team SKADE, which moved up two positions. Closes the top twenty of the strongest team HEET, which managed to climb one line.

The fastest take-off over the past week was observed by the 1WIN team, which burst into the top thirty strongest, occupying the 29th position.

The TOP 10 of the world ranking from HLTV is as follows:

  1. NAVI.
  2. Faze Clan.
  3. Gambit.
  4. G2.
  5. heroic.
  7. NIP.
  8. vitality.
  9. Astralis.
  10. ENCE.