Woomera became the head of ENCE Academy

Finnish esports organization ENCE has announced the appointment of Woomera to lead its ENCE Academy program. Together with this appointment, the club opens a collection of applications for the position of head coach of the future team.

Woomera is a familiar face to the Finnish esports scene. The 33-year-old Finn is remembered for his work at hREDS, the esports team of the Finnish sports club HIFK. There, he has served in a variety of roles, from professional Overwatch player to head of esports operations.

Woomera is reported to have a unique skill set and experience working with youth and is the right person for a job that requires a deep understanding through both the player and organization lens. The organization believes that its values and work ethic are a perfect match for what ENCE represents and what it intends to create with ENCE Academy.

At the same time, ENCE started collecting applications for the position of ENCE Academy head coach.

ENCE is looking for a coach for their Academy through an open application process because we want to take a comprehensive look at what the industry has to offer and what new Finnish talent we can find.

The requirements for this position include a comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of CS:GO, as well as the ability to communicate in both Finnish and English. Previous coaching or youth work experience is considered a plus, but not required. In addition, living near the capital of Finland is considered advantageous due to the location of the club's office.