Fan Gift - GamerLegion Captain Received Dung Bag in the Mail

Alfred 'RuStY' Karlsson posted an unusual case on his Twitter account. Someone from CS: GO fans and most likely a hater GamerLegion sent a message to the team captain advising him to buy armor in the pistol round in order to get a chance to win against his opponents. RuStY appreciated the sense of humor, laughed at such a joke and decided to show the public how especially malicious haters can act.

Alfred Karlsson tweeted the following:

I just got a bag of poop/hideous dirt mailed to my house. The inscription on the paper: “Hello Alf. Hope you can enjoy these lovely cookies. Don't forget to buy some armor in the next pistol round. "

With such an act, the sender expressed his indignation towards GamerLegion's performance at the recently held DreamHack Open November 2021. The team did not manage to win a single victory in the tournament. In the first match, they put up strong resistance to the representatives of BIG and almost emerged victorious in the debut meeting, but in the elimination match against MOUZ they could not take a single card. The team took 4th place in Group A and 7-8th place in the standings. The team received a minimum cash reward of $ 2,000 and was left without any rating points.