coldzera spoke about the peculiarities of playing in international squads

coldzera spoke about the peculiarities of playing in international squads. The 27-year-old Brazilian player held a Q&A session for the Parimatch Youtube channel, in which he answered the most interesting questions.

I played in two international lineups. Everyone has their own approach and their own methods. Everyone expresses himself in his own way. So everything is different. Often there is something that I don’t like or that they don’t like, but we are all professionals and we understand what it means to be and work in a team. Although it can be difficult. Everyone thinks and acts differently. Not at all like playing on a Brazilian team. There all problems were solved much easier. We spoke and thought in the same language, but when everyone is from different parts of the world and you don't live together, the difference in mentality is huge. Many things get harder to deal with.

Also coldzera singled out a team from the CIS, in which he would like to play. In particular, the Brazilian liked the Gambit team, which he singled out for simple but effective actions.

If I choose the CIS team today, I would choose Gambit. They are just a great team, they play with their heads. Reminds me very much of how we ourselves played in our time. A lot of standard things, they don't have a bunch of chips - everything is pretty simple. They are one of those teams that expect mistakes from the enemy, and they themselves are ready for literally anything. They play very smart, so I guess I'll choose Gambit.

As a reminder, coldzera's contract with Complexity came to an end on November 8th. The Brazilian player is currently exploring options to pursue his esports career. According to rumors, coldzera wants to reunite with FalleN, recreating the old SK lineup along with fer and fnx.