vENdetta resigned as coach at Dignitas

North American esports organization Dignitas has announced its separation from vENdetta. The 32-year-old Norwegian specialist has led the CS: GO team since September 2020.

“Change is never easy, especially with someone as tough as Halvor. As we approach 2022, Dignitas is looking for a new head coach. We thank vENdetta for the hard work. continue to be successful in your legendary CS: GO career, "the organization tweeted.

vENdetta joined Dignitas back in February 2020, becoming an analyst for a new team that included Swedish CS legends friberg and f0rest. Seven months later, a Norwegian specialist took over the team to help them reach new heights. However, already in the first year, the Swedish team failed to become famous for their results, in particular, taking the 7th-8th place at Flashpoint Season 2.

However, the new season did not become a breakthrough season for Dignitas, since the team was remembered only for victories in BLAST Nordic Masters: Spring 2021 and BLAST Nordic Masters: Fall 2021. In addition, under the leadership of vENdetta, the team took second place in Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 1, and also made it to the TOP-4 at LOOT.BET/CS Season 9 and Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 2. However, Dignitas never made it to the home PGL Major Stockholm 2021, without gaining a single RMR-point. season.

From now on, the composition of Dignitas is as follows: