FunPlus Phoenix abandons CS: GO roster

Chinese esports organization FunPlus Phoenix decided to abandon the CS: GO roster. The reason for this decision was the difficulties in managing the unit in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Today we made the decision to end our investment in the CS: GO division. Over the past two years, we have experienced many ups and downs and have achieved many amazing achievements. However, due to the limitations and difficulties during our remote management, we believe that changes need to be made. We are grateful to our colleagues and players for their hard work and dedication. All our players can now study proposals from other organizations, and we wish them the best in future endeavors!

While it is unclear in the statement whether the players are now free agents or are still on contract, it is possible that some players are already in talks with other organizations.

FunPlus Phoenix signed the former GODSENT roster in January 2021. In ten months, the team won Snow Sweet Snow # 1, took second place in DreamHack Open January 2021: Europe and Fantasyexpo EU Champions Fall 2021, and also took part in FLASHPOINT 3 and Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: Europe.

As a reminder, a few weeks ago the organization parted ways with the manager and coach of the CS: GO roster.

The former FunPlus Phoenix roster is as follows: