jkaem spoke about the reasons for the failure of EXTREMUM

jkaem talked about the reasons for EXTREMUM's failure. The Norwegian shared this in an interview with the Dexerto portal. Recall that after the failure in qualifying for PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the Russian organization decided to part with the roster.

Making it to the semi-finals in the last Major and losing a slot is crazy. But two years have passed, so we didn't deserve a direct invite. In addition, we started the RMR cycle with some advantage. The only thing worth noting is that the last RMR tournament was too important compared to the others. There are teams that didn't even make it into the top 5 at the first RMR tournament and ended up getting a slot in the Major, while we took 3rd and 6th places, but ended up overboard. To be honest, this is a bit frustrating.

After the failure in the framework of IEM Fall 2021 North America, as a result of which the team was left behind PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the management of the organization decided to part with the roster. jkaem believes that the main reason for the failures was the wrong approach of the collective to the performances at the lower level tournaments.

At 100 Thieves, we had regular slots in ESL and BLAST tournaments, and with EXTREMUM we had to play at a lower level. I think we didn’t have the right attitude. You just had to play everything and improve your game, but instead we thought, "Oh no, we deserve more." If it was possible to return everything, then we would play wherever we could. This is true.

The player also said that the roster knew in advance that the organization would make a similar decision.

I think we all understood that such a decision could happen, because we knew how much resources were invested in the project. We had all the conditions to qualify for the Major, and that was our main goal. So when we failed to achieve this, we expected a sad outcome. It seemed to me that EXTREMUM would get rid of some players, make some changes and restore the team, because a lot has been invested over this year. In a way, I was a little surprised by the final decision, but we still knew that this could happen.

At the end, jkaem added that the roster is unlikely to continue playing together. The Norwegian himself is determined to continue his career in CS: GO and has already received several offers.