FL1T, almazer and liTTle left forZe

FL1T, almazer and liTTle have officially left forZe. Very soon, the organization will talk about the newcomers to the team.

almazer was the founder of the original forZe roster, joining the team back in September 2017. In turn, FL1T has been playing for the forZe team since October 2018. For three years as part of the Russian team, the 20-year-old player managed to win several big titles, including Copenhagen Games 2019, CIS Minor Championship - Berlin 2019, Spring Sweet Spring # 1, DreamHack Open Winter 2019 and Gjirafa50 Masters League Season 2.

As for liTTle, the 33-year-old Russian specialist has been coaching the team since 2019. In addition to all the achievements described above, under the guidance of a trainer, forZe took second place in the BLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019 and GG.Bet New York Invitational.

Norwi, who previously played for Singularuty, and Shalfey, who have been without a team since September, after leaving Team Unique, are expected to join the roster of forZe. In addition, Fierce, who has worked with such teams as Vega Squadron, Unique and Singularuty, should become forZe's coach.

Note that all these rumors were reported by many insiders, in particular, OverDrive.

The likely composition of forZe is as follows: