Xyp9x extended contract with Astralis until 2025

Xyp9x has extended its contract with Astralis until 2025. The 26-year-old is the second Astralis member to sign a contract with the organization, joining gla1ve in the Danish team's long-term development strategy after the captain signed a new three-year agreement that runs until mid-2024.

"Astralis has been a part of me for so many years. It's no secret that I had other options, but I'm really glad we came to an agreement that means I can stay right here where I feel at home. Now that my future is determined, I can use all my energy and focus to get the team back to where we should be, starting with the upcoming tournament in Stockholm,"Xyp9x said.

The news came as a surprise turn of events after Xyp9x hinted several times that his future with Astralis is uncertain, just before he sat on the bench for ESL Pro League Season 14.

Since then, the 26-year-old has returned to the main squad after gla1ve briefly left the lineup in anticipation of the birth of his child. In addition, Xyp9x made it into Astralis' final bid for the PGL Major in Stockholm later this month, while Bubzkji was left out of the game.

With gla1ve, Xyp9x and Lucky recently signed new contracts, as well as rumors linking k0nfig to Astralis' move, it's unclear which lineup will be used next season. Dupreeh and Magisk's current contracts expire at the end of the year, while Bubzkji's contract runs until mid-2022.

Astralis currently has the following roster: