K23 and 9z qualified for IEM Winter 2021 from Europe

It came to an end the second open qualification for IEM Winter 2021 from Europe, which resulted in a closed stage of selection for the tournament and the team got K23 9z.

For the CIS team, the qualification began with a tough victory over pizza (16:14). However, further K23 quickly walked through CYBER.MD (16: 3) and naruto (16: 3) to reach the final stage of the competition. Here the team continued to gain momentum, having dealt with xDDDD (16: 7) and PACT (16:13) in turn to reach the semifinals. In the decisive match for a slot in the closed qualifiers, the team practically did not feel the resistance of BLUEJAYS, having dealt with the opponent with a score of 2: 0.

In turn, 9z spent much more energy on qualifying, since in the first rounds the team had to give all their strength to defeat Apeks Rebels (16:14) and Ambush (16:12). However, further the Latin American team overcame DRAGODIND (16: 8) and Team Finest (16:11) in one breath. In the final part of the competition, 9z unexpectedly beat Wisla Krakow (16:14) to create another sensation in the semifinals to beat Entropiq (2: 1).

The closed qualifier for IEM Winter 2021 from Europe will be held from 18 to 19 October. Eight teams will compete for three tickets to the main championship.

List of participants in the closed qualifier for IEM Winter 2021 from Europe: