MIBR signed WOOD7 and Tuurtle

The MIBR team announced the signing of WOOD7 and Tuurtle for a trial period. Both players move to an organization owned by Immortals after MIBR and Bravos failed to qualify for PGL Stockholm Major 2021. At the same time yeL and shz left the Brazilian squad.

Tuurtle and WOOD7 have played for Bravos since November 2020 and January 2021, respectively. Together with the Brazilian team, the duo managed to reach considerable heights on the local stage, winning Kanui Esports Invitational, INVie and La Liga Season 4: Sur Pro Division - Apertura. In addition, WOOD7 and Tuurtle won two out of three RMR tournaments, which still did not help Bravos qualify for PGL Stockholm Major 2021, leaving Sharks behind.

Meanwhile, MIBR is struggling to achieve success both domestically and internationally. Despite winning the CBCS Elite League Season 1, yel and the company fell 101 RMR points behind the Sharks without making it to the main championship of the season.

The Immortals-owned organization also failed in BLAST Premier Spring and BLAST Premier Fall as a partner team, finishing last in both seasons.

In the near future, MIBR will travel to Europe to prepare for the start of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021, where in the first round the Brazilians will have to play with Complexity.

From now on, the composition of MIBR is as follows: