rallen and snatchie left AGO

rallen and snatchie left the AGO team, which the Polish organization tweeted about. Note that both players have represented the team since January 2021.

The news marks the end of the players' nine-month tenure, as rallen and snatchie joined the team in January 2021 when snatchie moved from Sprout camp and rallen in turn left Illuminar. It is noted that Puchar Narodowej Drużyny Esportu will be the last tournament for players within the organization, which acts as a qualifier for the V4 Future Sports Festival, which will be held in Budapest later this year.

"My time at AGO has come to an end. Their plan that they wanted to present was not for me. I would like to thank the organization and the players for the time we spent together. I wish them only the best. I am not under any contract with with the organization from October 1 ", - wrote rallen.

The news comes three weeks after the last AGO roster change, which saw the 18-year-old kRaSnaL join the team as the sixth member. It is unclear if he will now become a regular player or if the organization plans to add a few new players in order to maintain the expanded roster.

Note that as part of AGO rallen and snatchie took second place in Snow Sweet Snow # 2, ESL Mistrzostwa Polski: Spring 2021, ESEA Season 37: Premier Division - Europe and Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 3, and also took third place in ESEA Season 36: Premier Division - Europe.

From now on, AGO's roster is as follows: