Astralis presented a new merch

Representatives of the Danish esports club made an interesting announcement on their Twitter account. Now fans can support the organization by purchasing a new collection of clothes.

The slogan of the new line is "Never be afraid to explore".

Astralis posted a video in their announcement and wrote the following:

Leaders? Innovators? Boundary breakers?

To elevate esports, we take steps and step into uncharted territory and learn to navigate in unknown places. Never be afraid to explore.

The collection of constellations became the theme of the new line of clothing. Apparently this design was chosen due to the fact that Astralis call themselves a red star.

Astralis is a Danish esports organization that was founded in 2016 by former Team SoloMid (Team Questionmark) players. The CS: GO team has become one of the most successful in the history of esports. With the arrival of Lucas 'gla1ve' Rossander at the end of 2016, Astralis began to reach new heights, and in May 2018, with the appearance of Emil 'Magisk' Rafe, the era of Astralis began. The team won many major championships, triumphed in the first season of the Intel Grand Slam and received a $ 1,000,000 bonus. Astralis is the first CS: GO team that managed to keep the lead in the HLTV rating over a period that lasted more than a year. After winning the BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019 in December 2019, the team ceased to shine, and the results began to decline.

At the end of 2020, Astralis announced the opening of an academic roster, whose players will have access to all the resources of the main roster.

In addition to CS: GO, Astralis also have a roster for another popular esports discipline, League of Legends. At the beginning of 2016, they signed the Origen team, and on September 15, the team completely moved under the Astralis tag and has been acting from that moment on behalf of a Danish organization known primarily for the activities of its CS: GO roster.