Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle bookmaker is an international betting leader. It started as a sportsbook for classic sports competitions (baseball, basketball, football, etc), but when esports came to the market, they immediately took the advantage and offered huge selection of esports bets.
MGA, Curacao
Betting on:
Dota 2, Leagues of Legends, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO

Who is standing behind the scenes of esports and classic sports gambling? Some players have no interest in that, but professionals always keep tracking sportsbook and odds they provide. Sportsbook are really grey cardinals of gambling. They are responsible for money gamblers loses and wins, and they are the ones who determine how much money will be spent on bets in certain gambling round.

There are many reliable sportsbooks which have existed in this sphere for a long time, but some of them even stand out among all other competitors. Pinnacle Sports is perhaps the largest sportsbook organization which has quite long history as well. It appeared back in 1998, and it still offers its services. Pinnacle started as a sportsbook for classic sports competitions (baseball, basketball, football, etc), but when esports came to the market, they immediately took the advantage and offered huge selection of esports bets. Today they provide platforms to make bets on the most popular DotA 2 events, HOTS and LoL champs, CS:GO tournaments and much more. They also include into their list regional and local competitions, make esports available for any location. However, the number of international minors and majors is still bigger, and that is justified by the number of gamblers who participate into such events.

Promotions for gamblers

Though bonuses and promotions are believed to be the main advertising tool for many sportsbooks, for Pinnacle it is not. This sportsbook have proved to be the leading one in its sphere, so they even have no need to attract new clients with huge bonuses or keep their members attached to their services with extra money. They provide high odds, and for players it is the best reason to gambler here. It has been estimated that Pinnacle has 50% better payments in such global events as Dota 2 The International or local Counter Strike Steam matches. Besides, with the variety of bets, including the most paying ones and bets on rare events, an esports gambler has all the odds to make a good fortune out of his hobby.

What to choose?

Esports gamblers generally prefer to bet upon DotA 2, League of Legends or other popular game, though when bets are made on Pinnacle, it is difficult to refuse to place a couple more bets on some other activity. You are welcome to choose among the most popular sports events, including football or baseball and choose some local team in the less-known match. Poker along with other popular casino games takes a significant place in Pinnacle operation.

Mobile betting

Mobile gambling is a new word in entertainment. iPhones and other smartphones made it possible to bet wherever you are. More gamblers reject to register at sportsbook sites which do not provide mobile platform. Pinnacle does not leg behind and offers mobile services for those who gamble on run. That’s it - website is suitable for all mobile devices.

Get help whenever you want!

Another important thing iin sportsbook operation is availability of support. 24/7/365 is a must for an international sportsbook, as well as communication in different languages. For Pinnacle Sports it is not a problem - live chat is available, as well as phone calls and emails.


Sportsbooks are to offer the fullest possible list of baking methods for their customers. E-wallets and credit cards are not enough to make it count. Pinnacle is always by the side of players and has every option that a player may require. Except for the common banking methods, they include into their list:

  • EntroPay
  • Instadebit
  • Clickandbuy
  • Trustly

Available banking methods may depend upon currency you use for bets. Also, country of your dwelling may also influence the selection of banking methods. The other important point is that banking methods for depositing and money withdrawing may differ.

Games for esports bets

Esports bettors are mainly interested into the selection of esports activities that sportsbook presents. Pinnacle is totally devoted to esports so the gamblers can find the fullest selection of up-coming and current events to place bets. It presents full-scheduled calendar for DotA 2, Starcraft 2, HS, Counter Strike, open Hearthstone tournaments and Lol games. For newcomers, Pinnacle has esports gambling explained in series of articles.

Esports is open for live streamers so a gambler may always check the team skill watching live games. If there still some doubts remain, betting odds help deal with them.

Recently Pinnacle Esports team announced that bookmaker celebrated 5 000 000th esports bet on their website.

Odds and betting

Esports odds always determine the winning - that is the key point of esports gambling. Pinnacle provides bets explained with the commentaries and odds. The best way to bet in esports is to compare odds of different sportsbooks. When you reach some level of professionalism you can actually discover CS GO odds by yourself, but at the beginning some help is required.