Valve canceled Artifact 2.0 development

Valve, on the official Steam website, announced that it was stopping the development of Artifact 2.0. The developers fixed a lot of bugs and reworked the economy and mechanics, but they could not attract the audience again, so they had to stop reworking.

Comment from the official site:

"Almost half a year has passed since then, as the current Artifact teamcloselywas engaged in the processing of the game. Although we are generally satisfied that solved most of the problems of the gameplay, we were not able to attract enough active players to justify the further development of the game. In this regard, we made the tough decision to stop development of the beta version of Artifact 2.0. However, both versions of the game still have their audience and value to the community, so we made them free and available to everyone. "

Artifact 2.0 is now called Artifact Foundry and is available on Steam, but is not a final product and may be missing some images.

The final version of Artifact Foundry looks like this:

Recall that Artifact is a card game based on Dota 2 from Valve, which was created in order to create competition between Hearthstone and Gwint, but users negatively assessed the work of the developers and the audience turned away from the game.