The list of talents for WESG EU & CIS Finals was announced

Organizers have published an information about who will work on observing of the regional final for viewers.

Let’s remind that 2017 WESG EU & CIS Finals will take place in Barcelona, Spain on November 23-26.

The WESG 2017 world final will be hosted in March 2018. The general prize pool for CS:GO amounts $1,500,000, for Dota 2 — $1,500,000, for StarCraft II — $400,000, and for Hearthstone — $300,000.

The list of talents for CS:GO WESG EU & CIS Finals:

Tom «Tombizz» Bissmire
Harry «JustHarry» Russell
Hugo Byron
Conner «Scrawny» Girvan
Ryan «Flakes» Oliver
Joshua «BurntSanctuary» Keller

The list of talents for Dota 2 WESG EU & CIS Finals:

Benjamin «Bkop» Kopilow
David «Luminous» Zhang
Grant «EG.GranDGranT» Harris
Gareth Bateson

The list of talents for StarCraft II WESG EU & CIS Finals:

Brendan Valdes
Kevin «RotterdaM» van der Kooi
Jonathon «Wardi» Ward
Simon «Lowko» Heijnen

The list of talents for Hearthstone WESG EU & CIS Finals:

Richard Campbell
Jakub «Lothar» Szygulski
Neil L0rinda» Bond
Simon Welch
Kacem «Noxious» Khilaji