FaZe Clan announced a partnership with DC Comics

North American esports organization FaZe Clan has announced a partnership with DC Comics to promote a limited series of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comics from Epic Games and DC. The first issue appeared on Tuesday June 1 and was co-written by CCO Epic Games by Donald Mustard and Christos Gage, along with artist Reilly Brown.

As part of the DC deal, FaZe Clan has put together a special campaign called "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point x FaZe Clan Deathrun," a week-long event featuring a custom Deathrun map in Fortnite Creative. The map, created by content creator JDuth, is at the center of a campaign that includes a speedrun contest for players using the map, which runs until June 7, and a special live stream on Twitch with FaZe Clan's Nate Hill.

It is noted that many of FaZe's managers, gamers and content creators are big fans of DC. This moment, according to the head of the marketing organization Javier Ramos, is another element of cooperation with companies and brands that FaZe Clan employees are fans of: in particular, they are fans of brands and companies such as G Shock, Xbox and Beats by Dre...