Acer and Intel sponsor IGC tournament in Brazil

Gamers Club, a platform owned by Immortals Gaming Club in Latin America, has announced the second season of the Pride Cup, a tournament for players from the LGBTQ + community. The event will host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), VALORANT and League of Legends (LoL) competitions sponsored by Intel and Acer (promoting their Predator brand), as well as supported by Riot Games.

The event will also feature content on the importance of minorities in esports and diversity in society. The initiative is run by the Gamers Club Diversity Committee, which "aims to include and value minorities in esports and to be a catalyst, and also serve as a reference point for many young people who feel underrepresented in the gaming community."

Players can already register for the tournament and go through verification to confirm the self-proclamation of participants in the registration form. According to Gamers Club, this will be done to "ensure the safety of the players." Note that the final stages of the Pride Cup will be streamed on the Gamers Club Twitch channel. The prize fund of the event is $ 2.85 thousand.