Nike signs Cherrygumms as brand ambassador to Brazil

Brazilian esports icon Cherrygumms has been named a Nike Brand Ambassador, making her the first woman to land the role in the Brazilian gaming environment. We note that she will participate in marketing campaigns, especially in the area of ​​the Air Max brand, and support Nike in its esports expansion in Brazil, including signing new ambassadors and sponsorship deals in the future.

I asked my mom if she could have imagined five years ago, when I started out in esports, that today I would have an agreement with Nike. Even I had no idea. I use this opportunity to show how the digital world is evolving in a way that the real world cannot keep up with.

Cherrygumms is one of the most famous representatives of esports in Brazil. The girl works as the CEO of the Black Dragons organization, along the way being the ambassador of brands such as Ubisoft, Corsair and Acer in Brazil. In her free time, she broadcasts on Twitch, preferring shooters and various "royal battles". In addition, Cherrygumms does not hesitate to attend events and championships, and also regularly participates in television programs about esports.