CORSAIR and BIG Announce Two-Year Renewal of Partnership Agreement

German esports organization Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has expanded its partnership with hardware manufacturer CORSAIR.

According to a press release, the deal will allow CORSAIR to continue its partnership with BIG for at least two more years. The exact details regarding any planned activations have yet to be disclosed.

In addition to providing peripherals to esports players, CORSAIR's partnership with BIG has included the production of a range of content. For example, this includes the activation of "CORSAIRSHOTS", through which fans can learn a little more about the day-to-day life of the team. In addition, BIG took part in the development of the "CHAMPION SERIES" line of gaming peripherals.

BIG and CORSAIR entered into their first partnership agreement in 2018. Interestingly, CORSAIR was one of the early sponsors of the organization in its early stages.

Note that BIG's commercial portfolio includes agreements with companies such as Betway, die Bayerische, Skin Baron, BackForce, OMEN and Volvic. In addition, the organization itself is represented in disciplines such as League of Legends, Quake, Starcraft 2, Trackmania, VALORANT, and CS: GO.