Natus Vincere and Philips OneBlade have entered into a partnership

More and more well-known global brands now and then turn their attention to the esports industry. Philips OneBlade did the same, teaming up with the born to win, as the yellow-blacks talked about on their official website.

Comment from Natus Vincere Marketing Director, Alexander "nervo-" Pavlenok

We are glad that more and more products that are not directly associated with esports are joining cooperation with NAVI. This is a new reality, where esports is not a niche field, but a huge audience for big brands, which is high time to pay attention.I believe that NAVI and Philips OneBlade will do something cool for both players and fans

Within the framework of cooperation, they plan to conduct various activities and interactions with gifts. In addition, with the help of Philips OneDlade, NaVi plans to create even more non-esports content.