Subnation Media teamed up with Green Bay Packers

Entertainment and holding company Subnation Media has partnered with Green Bay Packers to launch Trench Made Gaming (TMG), a new esports team.

According to the press release, TMG is expected to build teams across multiple esports disciplines, while Subnation will take on development strategy, brand partnerships, merchandising and content creation.

Players representing TMG will be recruited through a combined event. This event gives gamers the opportunity to demonstrate their physical and mental skills before knowing the final solution.

Subnation is no stranger to the esports industry. The company recently acquired a stake in the North American esports organization XTRA Gaming, along with partnerships with Amazon Games and the German car manufacturer Volkswagen. Subnation does have some authenticity in this space as the company has been chosen as the official cultural partner of events like E3 and DreamHack.