NHL partners with DreamHack Sports Games

The North American Hockey League, NHL, has partnered with DreamHack Sports Games, MTG's sports modeling business unit. As part of the multi-year deal, both parties will develop existing projects as well as create new gaming initiatives.

As part of the deal, DreamHack Sports Games will host the NHL Gaming World Championship, which is expected to start in March 2021.

In addition to hosting live events and live streaming, DreamHack Sports Games will partner with the NHL to attract new sponsors.

Historically, NHL Gaming has focused on established NHL sponsors, but VP of Business Development and Innovation Chris Golier said one of the benefits of working with DreamHack Sports Games is the ability to access new sponsors, especially those specific to the esports industry.

In addition, as DreamHack Sports Games has established itself in Europe, this partnership provides the NHL with the opportunity to expand its reach beyond North America.

DreamHack Sports Games is a company specializing in providing esports services for traditional sports simulators. Since the inception of the MTG business unit in December 2019, DreamHack Sports Games has launched the European Tour in partnership with the European eTour golf club and teamed up with eManager to create the FIFA esports fantasy league. Note that DreamHack Sports Games partnered with HyperX for the eSuperliga last year.