100 Thieves part ways with Fortnite roster

Esports organization 100 Thieves has officially parted ways with two of its most successful Fortnite players, Ceice and Elevate.

After joining 100 Thieves in early 2019, Ceice and Elevate advanced to the Fortnite World Cup Finals later that year. The longtime duo finished in third place and earned an impressive $ 1.8 million before splitting. Since then, Elevate has moved to VALORANT, while Ceice has stayed in Fortnite.

Both will continue their respective careers as free agents.

The video tweeted by the organization certainly wowed the duo's longtime fans. Ceice and Elevate were the two most hardworking players from the start. They found each other in late 2018 and quickly sealed the WSOE 3 Offline Tournament 3. Following their success in the Fortnite World Cup, Ceice and Elevate teamed up with Riversan to compete in the first ever Fortnite Champion Series.

Ceice and Elevate eventually parted ways as duo partners one season later. Elevate moved to VALORANT shortly thereafter, while Ceice remained competing in Fortnite.