ESports events in the coming week (July 20-26)


Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 4

(July 21-26)

Within the framework of the matches of the second week of Eden Arena Malta Vibes, a total prize pool of $ 40,000 will be distributed among 16 teams. In the first three weeks of the competition, Nordavind, ALTERNATE aTTaX and Illuminar Gaming, each of which received $ 25,000, were the best. Over the weekend, the top four will split $ 40,000.



ESEA Premier Season 34

(April 28 - August?)

ESEA season 34 matches continue in the Australian division. In North America and Europe, the confrontation came to an end, and the best in these divisions were Chaos Esports Club and Sprout, respectively. Initially ESEA Premier Season 34 Australia was supposed to end on July 21, but due to coronavirus and other circumstances, the end of the championship was rescheduled to a later period, presumably at the end of summer.


Dota 2

DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2

(June 24 - July 26)

In Asia, matches are continuing as part of the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2 with a prize pool of ~ $ 183,824. Team Sirius and Invictus Gaming.Vitality left the competition, while the rest of the rosters continued their battle for the main cash prize of $ 85,700.


OGA Dota PIT Season 2: Americas

(July 16-21)

In the OGA Dota PIT season two US division, eight teams share a total prize pool of $ 25,000. Thunder Predator, business associates and Quincy Crew were still in the competition. The trio are competing for the top prize of $ 10,422.


League of legends

Summer Split 2020

(June 5 - September)

The League of Legends Summer Split matches continue. Invitations to the 2020 Worlds Championship are raffled in each league, and cash prizes are also awarded in many major leagues.