EMERGE Esports announces partnership with Boom Esports and Todak Gaming

Singapore-based gaming and esports startup EMERGE Esports has announced a partnership with Indonesian esports organization BOOM Esports and Malaysian gaming brand Todak Gaming. As part of a three-way deal, EMERGE Esports will seek to provide brand support for the competing esports rosters of both organizations.

Launched in 2020, EMERGE Esports aims to develop esports in Singapore and nearby countries. In 2021, the startup made deals with companies such as TikTok, Twitter and Mediacorp. As part of the partnership, the company is expanding its services to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Gary Ongko Putera, CEO of BOOM Esports: "EMERGE Esports is highly connected and has proven its dominance in Southeast Asia. We have been looking for a strong agency to represent us in the region and we are thrilled that BOOM Esports is partnering with EMERGE Esports. We firmly believe that together we can take the next step and establish ourselves as one of the best esports organizations in Southeast Asia."

The startup will reportedly look to expand its presence in the esports world, expanding into tournaments and disciplines such as International 2022, VALORANT, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The BOOM Esports and Todak Gaming organizations are represented in disciplines such as Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, VALORANT, and League of Legends Wild Rift.