SAW partners with Shikenso Analytics

The Portuguese esports organization SAW has announced a partnership with the German analytics company Shikenso Analytics. As part of the collaboration, the company will provide audience information to SAW in an attempt to maximize sponsorship impact.

Patricia Oliveira, Marketing Manager at SAW: "It's been a pleasure to work with Shikenso Analytics! One of SAW's main goals is to improve in every area we're in, and with this synergy, we're finally taking a step forward and getting the missing piece of the puzzle. The platform guarantees us everything we need to get a sense of our audience and gives us the keys to maximize the visibility and exposure of our sponsors in the best possible way."

Shikenso Analytics will reportedly be running its AI-powered analytics on the organization's streaming and social channels to measure engagement and media metrics. Along with SAW, the company also collaborates with EXCEL, ReKTGlobal, PGL and BLAST.

Arvin Fallah Shirazi, CEO of Shikenso Analytics: "I have always loved young organizations on the rise and look forward to joining them on their journey to the top. Seeing the recent success of SAW, I am very excited about what our collaboration has in store for both of us!"

Through this partnership, SAW aims to provide its partners like HP Omen, AMD Ryzen and G-Shock with the best possible integration and analysis.