Quadrant announces partnership with Gate.io

British esports organization Quadrant has announced a partnership agreement with the Gate.io cryptocurrency exchange platform. As part of the collaboration, the platform will support the club's Halo roster.

Jamie McLaurin, Quadrant Athletic Director said: "We are delighted to welcome Gate.io to our team. This partnership will help our Halo roster continue to push new boundaries and help us in our quest for both regional and international success. Gate.io joined our team ahead of HCS Major Kansas City 2022 this weekend and we will be proud to have their brand on our jerseys during the event and through the rest of our season."

The Gate.io logo will reportedly appear on the team's jerseys during HCS Major Kansas City 2022. In addition, Quadrant will also receive products and support from Gate.io.

Mariela Tanches, Head of Business Development at Gate.io: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Quadrant, a true leader in the world of esports and beyond. The huge growth of esports is open to everyone and, like blockchain, it illustrates the connection between technology and life. Both industries share a similar spirit and in the future I am sure we will see the two industries working even closer together in their respective areas."

The organization, owned by racing driver Lando Norris, marked its first foray into esports last year by entering the Halo scene. Along with Gate.io, the Quadrant organization also partners with brands such as Elgato, Gilette, and Veloce.