FaZe Clan signed the first Smash player

North American esports organization FaZe Clan has unveiled its first Smash player by signing Sparg0. The 16-year-old Mexican player will single-handedly represent the colors of the club in the upcoming championships.

Sparg0 appeared on the scene back in 2019. In three years, the 16-year-old Mexican player won Tam Invitacional 2021 (duos format), Abierto Ciudad Victoria, GENESIS 8, Get On My Line 2021 - NA, Tam Invitacional 2021 (single format), Abierto Ciudad Victoria, Smash Ultimate Summit 4, G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational, Collision 2022 and The Coinbox #7.

In addition, the young esportsman has top-three finishes at Smash Alzheimer's, Smash Ultimate Summit 3, Super Smash Con: Fall Fest, Port Priority 6, Smash World Tour 2021, RETA 2022, and GENESIS 8.

The next championship for Sparg0 in the colors of FaZe Clan will be Low Tide City 2022, which will be held from April 29 to May 1 in Round Rock, Texas. As part of the tournament, the 16-year-old Mexican player will compete for a prize pool of $4,470.

From now on, the composition of FaZe Clan by Smash is as follows: