Tribe Gaming announces partnership with GamerzClass

North American esports organization Tribe Gaming has announced a partnership with game course provider GamerzClass to provide Clash of Clans courses. As part of the deal, Nebrax, Fluxxy and Excosist will launch a series of game mechanics classes through GamerzClass.

It is reported that each professional gamer will work closely with the students and strive to give an insight into the mobile game that they themselves are familiar with. The videos will look at various aspects of the game, such as building a base or attacking strategies and mechanics.

Viktor Folmann, CEO & Founder of GamerzClass: "After the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we've received for our masterclasses in our other games, the move to mobile and in particular complex, strategic and beautiful games like Clash of Clans seemed like a no-brainer."

Tribe Gaming players will be given a series of video tutorials and sessions lasting from one to several hours. The company announced that more than 10 episodes of the Clash of Clans master class have been released so far.

The videos will be available on the GamerzClass platform, along with gaming courses in other disciplines including Dota 2, FIFA, CS:GO, League of Legends and Rocket League.

Note that in 2020, GamerzClass collaborated with the Fnatic esports organization, which also provided its educational courses.