B8 Esports resumes its activities

The Ukrainian esports organization B8 Esports has announced the resumption of its activities. Despite the hard times and the war in Ukraine, the club's management decided to return to the work process in order to please their fans further.

Hello, friends. We would like to share with you what happened recently with the B8 Esports organization! To be honest, the war took everyone by surprise. The war froze all processes within the organization and forced people to flee from themselves.

Most of the guys from our organization were forced to leave their homes, and they had to look for a new home in other parts of our country in search of relative safety.

Although today, probably, there is not a single city left in Ukraine that would not hear air raid signals and was not subjected to rocket attacks. We have made a very difficult decision for us to take a step forward and get through hard times together! B8 Esports resumes work.

Recall that currently B8 Esports is represented in Dota 2, CS:GO and VALORANT disciplines.

In early March, B8 Esports withdrew from Dota 2 Champions League S8, after which it decided to suspend its activities indefinitely. In turn, Danil Ishutin, who is the founder of B8 Esports and a player in the Dota 2 roster, noted that the club is not going to stop and continues to attract new sponsors.