ESIC to Host Esports Summit in London

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), in partnership with key stakeholders from the global esports industry, announces the ESIC Global Esports Summit 2022.

The summit was created by ESIC with the aim of sharing experience and knowledge in the esports field. The event will take place at the ExCeL Center in London from 13 to 14 April.

Mikhail Blichar, Vice President of Pro Gaming at ESL: "Today we can say that the history of ESL is divided into two different eras: before the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice and after. Join me at the ESIC Global Esports Summit 2022, where I'll talk about the lessons we've learned from founding the event, moving from League of Legends to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and navigating it through the COVID-19 pandemic."

The ESIC Global Esports Summit 2022 will feature experts from the esports industry who will present specialized insights as well as host a series of closed industry meetings aimed at making tangible progress on several key integrity issues in esports.

Edward Gregory, Senior Partnerships Manager at Fnatic: "I'm incredibly excited to be performing at this year's ESIC Global Esports Summit, the work they're doing in the space to bring legitimacy to all aspects of the industry is brilliant. Working in traditional sports as well as in esports, I look forward to sharing some of the knowledge I have gained as well as demonstrating a significant positive trajectory for the industry, building on the experience I have gained from our industry-leading partnership at Fnatic."

The first day of the event will kick off with an ESIC Masterclass on Cheating in Esports. The session, featuring guests from law enforcement, government agencies and ESIC anti-corruption advocates, will highlight the successes and challenges the industry has faced, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

The second day of the event will feature two specialized content streams: the main stage sessions and the ESIC Global Esports Summit 2022 think tank, where dialogue between industry experts aims to develop new ideas.

Representatives of Guinevere Capital, PandaMento, Riot Games, ESL, BLAST, FACEIT, Fnatic and Entropiq will perform as participants in the event.